iPhone Dual Sim

Apple recently launched iPhone models with dual sim options. The iPhone XR,XS & XS Max.

These devices have a standard sim slot plus an eSim, currently only EE in the UK supports the eSim.

We decided to test this option and loose our separate business handsets for a week. Switching from two phones to one. Our personal lines are on EE our business lines on Vodafone.

We used the iPhone XR product red, You will need an unlocked handset to use this feature.

The first step was to contact EE and ask for a sim swap from a conventional SIM card to a QR code for an eSim. The process involves scanning the QR code supplied which moves your number to the internal eSim and activates the line. You can then configure this line to be one of the following options, we chose personal for the EE eSim.

We then put the conventional sim in the slot on the side of the phone, in this case Vodafone for one of our business lines.

This gives us two phone lines which can be configured for priority, data, messages & voicemail. Each line can also be turned off if required.

When making a call or sending messages you can decide which line the call is made from, when someone calls either line it’s labelled which line is ringing

We have lived with this new setup for a week taking two phones into one, this feature has many uses, other than business, maybe a second sim for travelling abroad or data only.

Overall it’s a great implementation, we hope further options and features are added in future software updates. But for now we’re fans of one phone for business and pleasure.