Apple to start off 2018 with a New Year’s Apple Watch Activity Challenge

For the second year in a row, Apple will launch an Apple Watch Activity Challenge to celebrate the New Year. Set to start showing up from the 28th December, the new activity challenge promotes fitness by asking users to complete their Activity rings (Move, Exercise, and Stand) for seven consecutive days in January 2018.

Apple Watch owners can earn a special iMessage sticker (pictured below) and achievement medal in the Activity app. The design of the rewards are the same as the 2017 challenge, with an updated number for the 2018 year.

The Apple Watch downloads new activity challenge data from a remote server. We scrape this data source to be able to bring details of the new awards sooner than they are meant to appear.

Apple Watch owners will be alerted to the New Year’s challenge at the end of December.

Completing activity rings for seven consecutive days in January dovetails nicely with the ever-so-common New Years resolution of living a healthier, more active, lifestyle.

The Activity Challenge is an exclusive limited-time award that you can only earn once before it goes away. For this challenge, the theoretical last date to begin working towards the medal is January 25th as you need seven consecutive days of filling all 3 rings to qualify

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