Now’s a good time to check which of your apps won’t open in iOS 11 as 32-bit support dropped.

Apple are definitely no longer supporting 32-bit applications in iOS 11. Apple gave a warning message in iOS 10 but the app still allowed you to open it, however in iOS 11 the app won’t open at all.

Now is the perfect opportunity for you to check some 187,000 32-bit applications that are still in the App Store. It will only take a few moments to do with a few simple steps.



To check whether you currently have any 32-bit apps installed, go to Settings > General > About > Applications. If nothing happens when you tap Applications, you’re good. But if you have any 32-bit apps, they will be shown on the next screen

Using this information will be rewarding before upgrading to iOS 11, as you will have time to find replacement apps.

Apple have chosen to use this strict approach as both performance and battery life are effected. The 32-bit subsystem has to be loaded before an app will run. Apple have given developers plenty of notice and warned them of this drastic change resulting in no excuse for the app not to be updated to a 64-bit version.



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