Do You Know Your Apple ID and Password.

A lot of iStation customers are forgetting or not even knowing their iCloud details which is a very dangerous thing for an iPhone. The Apple ID is set up to help protect the customer, their privacy and stop the iPhone from being wiped after being stolen.

icloud sign in

Find my iPhone is active on any iPhone unless you choose to remove it. As long as the iPhone is switched on and hasn’t had the Find my iPhone deactivated then you just sign into iCloud and locate your phone. However if you didn’t have these details then unfortunately, the iPhone won’t be traceable.

An LCD Screen replacement is a popular iStation repair, but depending on the severity of the break many other issues can occur, one being ‘ghost writing’. This would be as if you are constantly typing, which ultimately locks yourself out of the iPhone as it could be unintentionally attempting to unlock the pin.This will then disables the iPhone,
meaning without your Apple ID and Password, the iPhone is unfixable.
What could of been a simple replacement repair, turns into a useless broken phone.

So please if there is just one thing you do today… save, jot down or change your iCloud details to something you can remember.




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