Security Solutions for your Business and Personal Devices.

“When you want to test the internet to its limits, you need the best protection available. ”


iStation are now on board with helping customers and business clients to protect themselves,through being part of ESET UK Reseller. Everyone should have some form of protection as nothing is 100% safe in this technology driven cyber world and we are guiding people to the right solution for their own personal and business needs.

There can be various ways of protecting yourself, children or colleagues from threat, by using a number of unique antivirus and different internet security for your devises. Some specific ESET protection would include;

ESET Secure Authentication- Which provides powerful two-factor authentication to make remote access to the computer network and sensitive data safe, but hassle-free.

ESET Endpoint Antivirus- Fast, yet light protection for company workstations again internet threats.

ESET Internet Security- Home computer based protection which includes parental control, webcam protection, social media scanning, anti-phasing and many more elements of Antivirus Software.



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