Testing wearable blood sugar tracker around Apple’s campus.

Apple is already developing technology to focus on health and fitness within their Apple Watch. The watch operates using apps such as the ‘Activity app’ which track steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned. Storing this data enables the customer a much wider view of their health and progress.

However Apple is moving forward to evolve the watch to suit specific customer needs. Apple is developing the Apple Watch to diagnose and manage diabetes, with a non-invasive sensor that continuously measures blood sugar levels.

“Based on CNBC’s description, it sounds like the tracker Tim is wearing is a separate independent unit that communicates to the Watch over Bluetooth, rather than a feature integrated inside of the Apple Watch itself. The source says the glucose tracker was “on the Watch,” which perhaps means it physically attaches to the watch chassis in some way to extend its capabilities.”

Apple is wanting the glucose tracker to be part of the Apple Watch hardware but for purpose of trialing the prototype and testing algorithms and reliability in the real world, it remains separate.

The future of Apple is not only the creativity of technology, but pushing science and boundaries further to assist the ‘needs’ of customers.

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